Low Temperature Retraction Tester (TR Tester)


  1. Data produced by the instrument:
    a. TR test: TR10. TR30. TR50. TR70. TRx1, TRx2 (x1, x2 customer defined)
    b. Time from test start at calculated TR points
  2. Graphic representation:
    a. Retraction percentage versus Temperature Curves for the 6 samples tested.
    b. Temperature versus Time curve during test.
  3. Automatic performance of the test with adjustment of the thermal cycle and automatic release of the samples on termination of the conditioning time depending on the test procedures used.
  4. Graphic representation of Retraction curves for each of the 6 samples and of Test Bath temperature during test.
  5. Possibility of testing groups of different samples with different percentage elongation during the same test.
  6. Calculation of the significant test results for each sample.
  7. Calculation of average and standard deviation for each group of samples tested.
  8. Setting of tolerance limits for conditioning temperature to verify correct pre-start conditioning
  1. The standard model UD-4000 consists of one main testing unit and one subunit of touch-screen monitor.
  2. Manufacturing Standards: ASTM D 1329, ISO 2921, JIS K 6261
  3. Temperature: -70 ~ 0 (depending on heat transfer liquid used)
  4. Temperature resolution: 0.1.
  5. Temperature check: By means of heat regulator with PID microprocessor with 0.1accuracy.
  6. Cooling system: Liquid nitrogen with internal heat exchanges.
  7. Test Chamber: Test chamber capacity of 5 liters.
  8. Chamber material: Stainless steel.
  9. Sample holder: 6 samples
  10. Instrument dimensions: 500 * 500 * 1900 mm (W * D * H)
  11. Weight: 210kg.
  12. Electric Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz ± 3Hz, 4A, Single Phase.
    or discretionary at user needs.